Connecting business buyers with sellers.

of Iowa businesses have no succession plan.

BizBaton is a non-profit organization that connects owners with entrepreneurs and guides stakeholders through the stages of valuation, negotiation, acquisition and transition.

We use a sophisticated data-driven approach to confidentially connect business owners planning to sell, retire or transition out of a leadership role with entrepreneurs looking for an acquisition or expansion opportunity.

For business buyers & entrepreneurs

BizBaton works to identify the best opportunities that fit our buyer's criteria. Our BizMatch Technology™ connects you with business owners and acquisition opportunities.

  • Identify acquisition prospects
  • Initiate contact between parties
  • Develop a purchase strategy
  • Assist with the transition
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BizBaton Business Buyer

For business sellers and succession plans

BizBaton helps business owners realize the rewards of many years of hard work by connecting them with a network of savvy and proven entrepreneurs looking for acquisitions.

  • Identify sales prospects
  • Initiate contact between parties
  • Negotiate a deal that suits you
  • Assist with the transition
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BizBaton Business Seller

Maximize value

BizBaton can maximize value for both buyers and sell-side owners by identifying sale and acquisition opportunities, connecting well synchronized individuals, providing expert guidance and resources and assisting buyers and sellers navigate purchases, sales, transitions and succession plans.

Maximize value

Navigate complexities

We also assist buyers and sellers who may underestimate the complexities of a sale or transition with industry-specific experts, legal support and financial partners who will also aid in a sale or transition.

Navigate complexities

Local knowledge and industry expertise

Our experts bring deep local knowledge and sector-specific skills to provide creative options for buyers and business owners looking to sell, transition to a less active role or retire. BizBaton also strives to maintain the economic health of Iowa communities by encouraging the life cycle of businesses continues uninterrupted.

Friendly local knowledge and expertise

Data-driven connections

We bring a sophisticated, data-driven approach to connecting owners and entrepreneurs that is typically seen with costly sales agents or business brokers. As champions for small and mid-size businesses in Iowa, BizBaton is dedicated to helping them successfully achieve one of the most important milestones.

Data-driven connections

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Over 40% of small businesses in Iowa are owned or managed by aging leadership and do not have a succession plan in place.

Without new leadership in place, communities risk losing jobs and important goods or services, which can quickly impact the economic health of the area if these organizations close or relocate. By connecting these companies with transition or sale opportunities, BizBaton can help preserve these businesses in their communities.

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